About Us

Modern Times specialises in 20th century design homewares, particularly drinking glasses, tea sets, dinner sets, teacups and small pieces of furniture.

All our stock is carefully sourced for its aesthetics or exceptional quality, or both.

Modern Times is run by me, Thomas Kleibrink. I grew up in a 500 year old house in Westfalia in Germany. My grandfather filled it with treasure, and this inspired my passion for antiques and vintage homewares.

As well as this online shop, we’ve traded from a shop in Camden Passage for 8 years and this year added another shop in Rosebery Avenue in London. 

We believe good design is foremost functional. People are fed up with mass produced short-lived products from the high street. Buying good quality vintage pieces will give your home a unique look and, carefully crafted glasses for example, are a real pleasure to use.

The UK, like no other country, has embraced the vintage look – people from all over the world are looking to London for inspiration. 

Let us help you create a beautiful look in your home!